The NCS35TB Stat Pac

For the HP-35s Calculator is Here And is Free!


The NCS35TB Stat Pac contains a set of statistical programs for the HP-35s programmable scientific calculator. The Stat Pac contains the programs listed in the following table.


Program Name



Calculates the autocorrelation and moving averages for the values of an array.


Calculates the elements of an analysis of covariance (ANOCOV) table.


Calculates the elements of a one-way ANOVA table.


Calculates the elements of a two-way ANOVA table with no replications.


Calculates the elements of a two-way ANOVA table with replications.


Calculates the Bartlett Chi-square statistic for an array of sample variances.


Implements the Behrens-Fisher test for paired and unpaired arrays.


Finds the best linearized regression for a set of user-selected transformations.


Implements n k contingency table calculations.


Implements nonlinear regression.


Calculates the statistics related to differences among proportions.


Calculates the intraclass correlation coefficient for a table of k n observations.


Calculates the Kendall concordance coefficient for a matrix of rank values.


Implements the Kruskal-Wallis test to determine if several groups of ranked data belong to a single population.


Calculates the elements of a Latin square ANOVA table.


Implements linear regression with post regression ANOVA table and additional statistics.


A version of NCS_LR1 that supports weighted data.


Calculates the moving average for a set of observations.


Calculates the moving average for a set of observations. Also calculates the standard deviation, the confidence interval for the moving average, and the confidence interval for the standard deviation.


Calculates the Mann-Whitney test statistic for an array of paired or unpaired ranked values.


Implements the mean-square successive difference statistic to test the randomness of an array of values.


Implements multiple linear regression between three variables.


Implements multiple linear regression between two variables.


Calculates statistical moments.


Calculates statistical moments for weighted data.


Implements the Student-t test for the means of paired data.


Implements quadratic regression between two variables.


Calculates the numeric ranks for an array of values.


Calculates the Spearman rank correlation coefficient for an array of paired ranked values.


Implements the Student-t test for the means of unpaired data.

New Features

Many programs in the NCS35TB Stat Pac implement legacy statistical programs found in the Stat Pacs of the HP-65, HP-67, and HP-41C calculators. The implementation for the HP-35s, which is written from scratch, takes advantage of the new features of the calculator. The highlight of these new features is the ability to store data in the unnamed registers, using indirect addressing. Some programs store the raw data, while others store the statistical summations. In the latter case, the programs allow you to access the statistical summations for the various data groups to further add or remove data. Either approach is new in the Stat Pac and makes use of the rich number of unnamed registers. The various programs also store data as 2D or 3D vectors to further economize data storage.

Consistent Interface

The programs in the NCS35TB Stat Pac have a consistent user interface. The following labels perform similar tasks in all the programs:


       XEQ I initializes the program.

       XEQ A adds data.

       XEQ D deletes data.

       XEQ E edits data.

       XEQ C performs statistical calculations.

       XEQ U displays the name of the program.


The NCS35TB Stat Pac comes as a PDF-formatted manual that is about 440 pages long. Delivery occurs via email and requires email addresses that can accept attachments that are about 4MB in size.


The manual has sections for each program that present the following information:


       A brief introduction for the program and its features.

       A brief presentation of the equations used in the statistical calculations.

       Instructions for using the program.

       A list of labels and program variables used by the program.

       A commented listing for the program.

       An example for using the program.


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