HP-67 Simulator For Windows

by Namir Shammas

I wrote an HP-67 simulator for Windows using Visual Basic 6. You can download a ZIP file here. The downloadable ZIP file includes software to install and run the HP-67 simulator on a Windows PC. You need to download a bug fix from here. You also need the PDF file that contains the documentation for using the simulator from here. The simulator was tested on Windows 2000 and Windows XP Home Edition.

The Windows-based HP-67 simulator mimics the math operations of the HP-67 calculator. You can also enter and execute programs from the simulator. These programs run MUCH FASTER THAN ON THE ORIGINAL CALCULATOR!!! The simulator combines the speed and power of the personal computer with the vintage technology of the HP-67 calculator. No more taking coffee breaks while the calculator is busy crunching numbers!!

With the simulator you can say goodbye to these nuisances:

Download the HP-67 simulator today and say goodbye to all these headaches and nightmares. Your virtual HP-67 will live in your computer and is always ready for use with a few mouse clicks.

The HP-67 simulator implements the built-in functions of the HP-67 calculator AND ADDS supports for programming the following extra functions (list items in blue mean that the command is available during run time and programming modes):

With the above extra functions you save tens and even hundreds of programming steps by using single commands!! The emulator allows you to enter these special functions by editing your programs with your own text editor. For example to write a program that returns the value of the Chebyshev function, you simply write the following program with your text editor and then load it in the simulator:

01 LBL A
03 RTN

And voila! That's all there is to it! Want to calculate the linear regression statistics with the HP-67 simulator? All you have to write is:

01 LBL A
02 LR
03 R/S

And then load it in the simulator. Chiching!! That's all there is to it my friend! The good news is that the simulator shows program commands as mnemonics and not key codes, which makes the listing far easier to read!!

The simulator includes smart features such as label scanning and validation (making sure that your GTO statements don't cause a runtime error during program execution), extended labels (just like the HP41C), and smart program update.

The HP-67 simulator is not affiliated with the Hewlett-Packard company that created the original HP-67 calculator in the seventies. The simulator software does not use the HP-67 ROM code.

The HP-67 simulator represents my idea of what a resurrected HP-67 would be today,

I hope you have fun using the simulator. It's free!


Copyright (c) Namir Shammas. All rights reserved.